Sunday, July 31, 2011

Word Study Game

This year, my team decided to use Beth Newingham's (one of my favorite teachers!!) Word Study Program to teach Spelling/Phonics. She created a game to use during her Word Study Centers called "Trash or Treasure." It's really just a word sort, but so much more fun. Students sort cards based on if they fit the weekly phonics rule or not. I love this game because it goes right along with our 95% Group instructional methods. To make it more hands-on, I created a treasure box and trash can so that the kids can actually move the cards to one side or the other. Then they write the words under the appropriate column on a recording sheet.
I had so much fun making the treasure box and trash can. I bought an unfinished wooden chest and pirate pieces (also wooden) from Hobby Lobby and the mini trash can from Dollar General.
Here's all of the materials:


I glued gold-colored sequins inside to look like treasure...

I didn't know what to do at first because the wooden pirate pieces were too tall to fit on the sides of the treasure box when it was open. Then my husband (Mr. Fix It) said, "I can just cut them in half and you can glue one part to the bottom and one part to the top so that when it's open nothing sticks up..." I never think of things like that!!! So, here's what he came up with... Genius!!!

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  1. I seriously love all of your stuff. The best part is creating it! Fun!