Saturday, July 23, 2011

Almost Ready!!

I went to school to finish cleaning and organizing today. After cleaning the filing cabinet out and scrubbing sticky goo from old nametags off the desks, I think the room is almost ready. I finally was able to get rid of my huge teacher's desk, so there is much more room this year. Even though I still have a few more things to do, I thought I'd post a few pics.

Views from the door and corner:

Small group area (which now serves as my desk as well):Class library:

Class meeting area:

A small group center:

Student computers:

Word Study Center:

Sink Area:

I'm almost done... Just a few more finishing touches!


  1. you have the cutest classroom- I LOVE how clean and simple it all looks with your color scheme. I am jealous if this is really all set up for this coming year, I have barely begun!!

  2. Looks so clean and organized! Great job! :)

  3. Do you have a desk? Or do you use the kidney bean table? I love how clean and homey it feels!

  4. You have such nice blue & white walls. I'm stuck with the ugly beige walls. I might see if I can paint next year. (This is my first year teaching, so I decided I should wait on the painting.)

  5. Where did you get your black small book shelves?

    1. @Tamra Newby I'm almost positive that those are the same shelves that I got in white from Walmart. And they are only around $15. They are the perfect height as they fit just under my whiteboard.

  6. So cute! Love the clean lines a lot! Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if you could tell me the dimensions for your small kidney group table. It looks a little smaller then the standard ones and I need one that looks similar to your size. Do you have any idea where it was purchased from? Thanks so much - Gina.

  7. Your classroom is adorable. Where are your book bins from? I have been trying to find perfect book tubs and these look like they are sturdy.