Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Surgery Went Well... No Complications!!

Contraction surgery that is... Oh what fun!! This will probably be the kids' most favorite memory of the school year! They just loved dressing up as doctors and performing surgery on their contraction "patients"! Many thanks to Mrs. Pann over at Buzzing About Second Grade for the wonderful idea. You can get your own Contraction Surgery Kit at her Teacher's Notebook store here. Check out the cute pics:

Here's a quick video where the kids explain how it all worked (warning: turn your volume up for the kids and down for me! LOL) :

What I loved about this craftivity was that I could instantly tell which kids knew how to form contractions and which were having trouble knowing which letters to leave out. I pulled a small group within the first ten minutes of the activity and we had a mini-lesson right then and there. So easy and quick! The kids had so much fun and loved the fact that they got to keep their doctor's gear! This will definitely go in my files to do year after year!


  1. Hi Elizabeth!
    Thanks for stopping by to see my blog and to be my 50th follower! I'm so happy to have you. Be sure to stop back tonight, when I get home from school I'll be adding my syllabication separation activity. It's one of the common core goals and something my 2nd graders need to know! I already have one on my blog with words that have two parts. Tonight I will add one with 3 or more parts. Love your blog. It is so cute! And I'm your newest follower. . . number 55, hey that's the year I was born! uh oh! Now I've given away my age! Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!

    Second In Line

  2. So cute! I cannot wait to do this. We might have to do this as a review soon. We made Contraction Crocodiles, popped some contraction balloons, and ate Crocodile kiddos loved it.

    I am a new follower of your cute blog and would love for you to come grab my new *freebie*! =)

    Heather's Heart

  3. We are your newest follower. Come check us out! LOVE THIS SITE!


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