Saturday, February 4, 2012

Groundhogs, Writing Celebrations, and a Bathtub...

Our Groundhog's Day projects turned out soooo cute!! After watching the video of Punxsatawney Phil making his prediction, we glued on our groundhogs on the sunny side of the picture and drew our shadows. Here's how they turned out:

We also enjoyed Groundhog cupcakes after lunch. I got the idea from Reynold's. While mine definitely weren't picture-perfect, they did turn out to be adorable little groundhogs:

And on Friday, we had our 4th (and best to date) writing celebration of the year. We invited the fourth and fifth grade classes to celebrate with us this time. They came and listened to our stories that we spent almost two months learning how to revise. We've been working on writing lead sentences, showing not telling our feelings, adding lots of details, adding dialogue in appropriate places, and including interesting and thoughtful endings. The older students were so sweet and genuine with their positive comments and helpful feedback. It was like having a whole room full of tutors! I was initially afraid my second graders would feel a little intimidated, but that was not the case at all. They absolutely loved it! They loved having an authentic audience, they loved having other "teachers" besides me, and they repeatedly told me it was their favorite writing celebration so far this year. What a hit!! Here's some pictures of my kiddos hard at work listening to their older peers giving them some helpful writing hints:

And as promised a couple of weeks ago, here's a picture of our new reading bathtub-- THE hottest new spot in our classroom:

What a wonderful week we've had! It has been busy and I nearly dropped from exhaustion yesterday. But it was all worth it! Now, on to Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Black History Month projects...

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